Module 2 : Calculating School Aid

Module 2 gets into the details of projecting the aid you can more-or-less count on from private, public, or state colleges.


The EESI Report: Part One

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at 3 different types of schools, and exactly how much each school is supposed to offer.

The EESI Report: Part Two

In this brief module, you’ll see an example of a ‘famous’ private school that is very tight with the money they offer. Good to know in advance!

The Top 100 Colleges: EESI Reports (PDF)

Top 100 Colleges List – Download Here:

Colleges 1-20 – Download Here:

Colleges 21-40 – Download Here:

Colleges 41-60 – Download Here:

Colleges 61-80 – Download Here:

Colleges 81-100 – Download Here:

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