“The most dependable way to build wealth is to be more efficient with the resources you already have.” 

5 Common FAFSA Application Mistakes

Have you ever wondered what the most common FAFSA mistakes are? Watch Ron’s interview on KUSI San Diego where he explains some of the mistakes he has often encountered while helping families prepare for colelge!

Is That 4-Year Degree Still Worth It?

Aligning your college choices with your desired career can be tricky. I mean, why pay for a degree that won’t pay for itself once you’ve earned it, right?! Here are some things to consider as you and your child navigate these tricky waters. Enjoy!

When You Should NOT Contribute to a 401k

College planning is only one area that my team and I specialize in. We work hard to be the smartest people you know when it comes to ALL matters of planning for college, personal finance, and retirement. Our specialty is making sure you NEVER run out of money, no matter how long you live. This video is from a Facebook live I did. Be sure to like us on Facebook here so you get the latest personal finance tips and strategies.

Getting the Most Out of College Financial Aid

The sticker-shock of college can be daunting, but with planning and some research there is financial aid out there for the taking. Hear one of our success stories in our clients own words.


Ron Caruthers is America’s leading authority on paying the least amount for a top college and the creator of the Caruthers Method of Career Planning, the industry standard in making sure your student’s college experience is a worthwhile investment.

He is also the founder of Caruthers College and Financial Solutions, a firm that specializes in all areas of college planning, personal finance and securing retirement.


About Ron

Ron Caruthers grew up in Santa Monica, CA, and he’s helped over 4600 families from across the country plan and pay for college.

For over 25 years, Ron has made it his business to help families like yours in these very critical times.

Ron Caruthers was an adjunct instructor at Palomar and Mira Costa Colleges in San Diego, California, and is a regular on San Diego’s morning news programs. He has been interviewed on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. He has also been quoted in Newsweek, Inc. Magazine, USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, among other publications.

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“Thank you for you very much for you support throughout my college years. I’m proud to say that I’m graduating with honors and with a job offer from Deloitte & Touche as a Risk Consultant. I’m really excited about life beyond college”
Charmaine Heather
Graduate, University of Southern California

“Dear Mr. Caruthers,
Thank you for making my dream of attending Dartmouth College a reality! I would not be all the way out in New Hampshire if it wasn’t for you. I absolutely love the school and can’t imagine myself anywhere else. Thank you so much for you help and support.”
Krista Merchat
Student, Dartmouth College

“Ron Caruthers is well informed and teaches at Mira Costa and
Palomar Colleges. Ron has helped us with every aspect of college and we are so happy that a volleyball mom shared his name with us.”
Teresa Ornelas
College Admissions Administrator

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